My work with clients is based on the model that each individual is more than their physical form and rather encompasses their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects. I am a passionate advocate for and teacher of knowing your various forms of hunger and feeding all 4 bodies with nourishing foods. It is my privilege and joy to share my personal experience with my clients. I also offer corporate wellness packages to empower employees in their workplace with health supportive tools.

After graduating with a Masters of Arts in German Literature and Women’s Studies from BYU in 2002, I dedicated myself to my family for the next 12 years. At this point, I found myself plagued with mysterious symptoms and dwindling vitality. Unable to find relief from doctors for my increasing discomfort and dis-ease, I was desperate and determined to find the reason for my ailments. I was in my late 30s and I had felt tired, sick and depressed for too long. I found my medicine and creative outlet in food. My passion for healthy and creative ways of cooking was contagious and so I began teaching workshops to those wanting to feel better too.  One day, I read the description, “Holistic Health Coach” and immediately knew that was what I was meant to do. 

My studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (2013-2014) confirmed my nagging suspicion that health was a result of more than just the “perfect” diet. Every elimination diet had failed to sustainably provide me with relief and I had to realize that what I ate was only one part of the equation. The concept of holistic health deeply resonated with me and I began viewing myself as having 4 distinct yet interconnected aspects or bodies that I respectively called spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. This lens gave me an internal structure to organize and understand my symptoms and feelings. Then at age 40, I became dedicated to personal growth and healing; my daily practice dedicated to unraveling and clearing a lifetime of unquestioned beliefs and unprocessed emotions.

Just as I had passionately searched for new recipes and practiced new ways to nourish my physical body, I began identifying sources of nourishment for my other 3 intangible bodies. My dire state of malnourishment quickly becoming evident as I gained a sense of my profound spiritual, mental and emotional hunger. Still committed to feeding my body wholesome foods, I additionally added nutrients such as mediation, psychotherapy and compassion to my diet. Slowly, my baffling symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome, hypothyroidism, asthma, allergies, skin rashes, fatigue, brain fog, weight gain etc. began to make sense, providing valuable insight and wisdom. Today, I am 45 and wonderfully healthy and happy. 

Certifications: Institute of integrative Nutrition, 2014. Thyroid Yoga®, 2016, Level 1 Hypnosis Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) Level 1, 2017

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