Examine. Eliminate. Embody.— Holistic Nutritional Coaching with Kirsten Kallman

Well-being is a result of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical satiety of each of these corresponding bodies. When these four aspects of our being are well nourished we experience our true vitality. In three steps, Holistic Health Coach, Kirsten Kallman will guide and empower you to:

01. Examine: identify and understand your different forms of hunger

Imagine you could understand what your body, heart and thoughts were telling you and you had confidence in your own wisdom. Your stories and symptoms hold valuable information that demand your attention. When viewed with genuine curiosity and acceptance they communicate the nutritional needs of your 4 bodies.

02. Eliminate:  release old patterns and create space

Imagine a tall glass filled to the rim with water. Now try pouring more water into the glass. With no space it spills over the sides and is wasted. In an attempt to “fix” our discomfort we often try to add knowledge, tools and experiences to our already full container. Without the necessary space to hold new beneficial habits, our investments often fail to create the lasting change we desire.

03. Embody: choose appropriate sources of nourishment for each corresponding hunger

Imagine your ideal state of being; how you want to feel in your life, in your body and in your relationships. When we clear out what no longer serves us we create space, a vacuum that we can then consciously fill with thoughts, beliefs and habits that cultivate what we truly desire and feed our deepest hungers.

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